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Mercer Island Little League


  • We are requesting families to please register for softball by February 15, so we can form teams and coordinate with District 9.
  • Mercer Island is forming a Juniors team for 2020, for girls above league-age 12.  Please review this flyer for more information.
  • A Show-Your-Stuff (SYS) skills evaluation for Player pitch (Majors, Coast) and AAA softball divisions will be held on Monday Feb. 24 at the PEAK between 6pm-8pm.
  • Please direct any questions about Mercer Island Little League's softball program to softball VP Tom Henderson.

Softball Divisions

Juniors Softball 13-14 Yrs. Old

Fastpitch softball for 13-14 year-old girls. One or two practices, and generally two games each week, plus an end of season league tournament. As with other levels of little league, players are eligible to compete in end-of-the-season tournaments and All-Stars. Juniors softball uses a full size 12’’ softball.

Majors Softball 11-12 Yrs. Old

Majors is an advanced, 6th grade level, Fastpitch division for strong 11 year olds and all 12 year old girls. Majors will have one or two weeknight practices, and up to two games a week.   As with other levels of little league, players are eligible to compete in end-of-the-season tournaments and All-Stars. Majors softball uses a full size 12’’ softball.

Coast Softball 10-11 Yrs. Old

This is designed for 5th grade level Fastpitch, 10 year olds and 11 year olds. Teams will practice one or two nights a week and play two games a week. As with other levels of little league, players are eligible to compete in end-of-the-season tournaments and All-Stars. Coast softball uses an 11’’ softball.

AAA Softball 8-10 Yrs. Old

AAA Softball is for girls 8 and 9 years old, 4th grade level. This division is designed to teach players the fundamentals of softball while developing self-esteem, team camaraderie and softball skills, including pitching. This is entry-level Fastpitch. This is a player pitch league with coach assist early on. AAA softball will practice once a week and have one or two games a week. It uses an 11’’ soft-sided softball.

AA Softball 6-8 Yrs. Old

Mainly for 7 and 8 year olds, 3rd grade level, and 6 year olds with at least one year of softball or T-ball/Sluggers experience. This is modified machine or coach pitch league with emphasis on development of skills and team fun! Will most likely be one game and one practice a week.


Where are the games played?

Games are played on Mercer Island (typically Homestead or South Mercer) and off-Island.  Our softball teams play in interlocked leagues with teams from District 9 (the Eastside).  Away games will be played at different locations on the Eastside, but most frequently in Bellevue.

What times are the games played?

Weeknight games typically start at 6pm.  Weekend game times vary depending on field availability.

When are practices?  Can I request a specific time?

Coaches select their specific practice day, time and location.  Practices are once a week for AA and typically twice a week for AAA, Coast, Majors and Juniors.  One of those practices is batting cage time at South Mercer or PEAK.  Registrants cannot request a specific practice day/time/location.

How are teams formed?

Typically, we don’t have more than two teams at a level.  We generally split to balance the talent among the teams although the MIBGC and MILL board have some discretion in the process.

How do I figure out my daughter’s league age?

Softball League Age is determined by your daughter’s age as of December 31st.  For example, if your daughter turns 10 on December 31st, they are league age 10.  If your daughter turns 10 on January 1st, they are league age 9.  There are no exceptions to this rule.   Please review the Little League Age Chart to confirm your child’s League Age.  Baseball has a different League Age cutoff.