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Sluggers & T-Ball

Sluggers Baseball 6-7 Yrs. Old

Sluggers Division is an entry-level machine/coach pitch division for 6 year olds who have completed one year of T-ball and 7 year olds who need more development or seek a lower level of commitment before advancing to the "A" Division. Sluggers will have one weeknight practice each week (Tuesdays) in a "micro clinic" format and one Saturday game.  A seven year old with a year in Sluggers should consider “A” level baseball.

T-ball (co-ed) 4-6 Yrs. Old

This is for 5 year old players, first year 6 year old players , 2nd year 6 year old players still needing skill development before heading up to "Sluggers.”  Four year olds are eligible, but need to be ready for the competition and structure of T-ball.  Please no three year olds.  Players hit a ball from a Tee.  All players bat and play in the field each inning (3 innings per game).  One weeknight practice (Wednesday or Thursday) in a "micro clinic" format and one Saturday game per week.


Where are the games played?

 Games are played at multiple on-Island locations.  For Sluggers, mainly Homstead Park and South Mercer 4.  For T-Ball, Homestead Park.

What times are the games played?

Due to the number of teams at each level (Up to 20 for T-Ball, up to 12 for Sluggers), game times vary.  Start times range from 9am to 4:30pm.

When are practices?  Can I request a specific time?

Practices for Sluggers are Tuesdays at 5pm or 6:15pm.  Practices for T-Ball are Wednesdays at 5pm, Wednesdays at 6:15pm or Thursdays at either 5 or 6:15pm.  Requests for a specific practice time can be accommodated, but must be in before roster creation has begun.

Is it Coed?

Yes.  Everyone is encouraged to sign up!

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed using the following criteria.  (1) Distributing Coaches.  (2) Honoring Mutual Buddy Request. (3) School.  Please note that it becomes harder to place your child on the team they desire as the season approaches.  Sign up early!

Can I form my own team?

Yes!  However, for the purpose of ordering jerseys, the head coach needs to submit his/her roster to us by December 15.  Additionally, each member of that team must be registered and paid by December 15th.  Rosters must be between 8 and 10 players.  This option is available for T-Ball only.

How many kids are on a team?

For Sluggers, we will cap the team at 10 players.  For T-ball, we will generally cap the team at nine players.  If you are forming your own T-Ball team, we can accommodate a roster up to 10 players (See “Can I form my own team?”).

My son/daughter goes to overnight camp on a weekend their team has a game.  What do I do?

We recognize that many players participate in overnight camps at some point in the Spring.  However, we try not to adjust the game schedule because we recognize that many kids do not go on these trips.  If we discover that an entire team will be gone (or multiple teams will be gone) we will make adjustments.  We encourage our coaches to tell us (the earlier the better) if they feel they will struggle to field a team on a specific date.

What equipment does my child need?

Your child only needs athletic shoes and a baseball glove.  We will provide the jersey and cap.  The rest of the equipment (balls, bats, helmets, etc) will be at the field.  Many parents do elect to purchase a helmet for their child so that they don’t have to share.

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