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All Stars FAQ

What is All-Stars?

All-Stars is an opportunity for a select group of MILL’s most competitive players to participate in a tournament(s) against “all-star” teams from other leagues.

Who is eligible for All-Stars?

All players rostered on a Little League player pitch team who also participated in 60% of their team’s regular season games are eligible.  However, players must be invited to tryout.  At the Majors division (10/11/12), invitations are determined by manager/coach and player voting.  At the younger levels, invitations are determined by manager nominations.

How are teams selected?

MILL will hold tryouts for all-stars no earlier than June 1st (per LL rule).  The manager of the team will select the team based on the player’s performance during the regular season and their performance during tryouts.  Per LL rules, the team must be between 11 and 14 players.  The manager will decide how many players to select.

How are the coaches selected?

In order to be a manager or coach for an all-star team a candidate must have been a manager or coach during the regular season.  Managers/Coaches nominate themselves to be considered for the position.  The All-Star Committee (made up of members of the MILL Board) discusses all the potential candidates and votes.  Only managers are selected prior to tryouts.  Coaches are selected by the manager after the team is formed.

What is the commitment level?

All-stars is a significant commitment and players/families will be expected to sign a letter of commitment.  Players are expected to commit to all games and practices until the team is eliminated from tournament play.  The tournaments themselves last anywhere from two to ten days, but teams practice nearly each day (sometimes twice a day) leading up to the start of the district tournament.  Teams who win the district tournament will advance to the state tournament.  At all levels Majors and above, teams who win the state tournament advance to the regional and then national/international tournaments.

2020 All Star Tournament Dates