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This is the most advanced and competitive division of Little League, which will include all 12 year-olds, strong 11 year-olds, and outstanding 10 year olds. Majors focuses on advanced skill development and preparation for all-stars and higher level play beyond age 12. 

About Majors

The registration deadline for the Spring 2024 season (for player pitch divisions including Majors) was January 27, 2024.  There is a late registration process for those who may have missed this registration deadline.  Please reach out to for help with late registration.  For those who registered and participated in the Show Your Stuff event in January, teams are being formed now and are expected to be communicated by the middle of February.


Majors teams are formed via a draft.  Players will be drafted onto Majors teams based on ability.  Each player attends Show-Your-Stuff, where their skills are evaluated by an independent group of evaluators and observed by Majors managers. Show your stuff took place on Sunday, January 28, 2024.

Each week, Majors teams will typically practice outside once, have batting practice once, and play two games.  Practices are on weeknights. One game is on a weeknight (usually Wednesdays), and one game is on Saturday.

The Majors season can be broken up into the following phases:

There are typically a couple of weeks of practices in early or mid March before games begin.

Early season

Games begin in mid or late March. Games before Spring break (typically mid-April) do not count towards the standings.  As a result, these early season games are less competitive and focused on letting kids play a variety of positions.

Regular season

Starting after Spring Break, games count towards regular season standings. The regular season runs up until the Mercer Island tournament. Standings are used to seed teams in the Mercer Island tournament, but all teams qualify for the tournament.

Mercer Island tournament

Typically held in mid to late May, this tournament includes all Majors teams on Mercer Island. The format varies depending on the number of teams in Majors.  The tournament typically concludes before Memorial Day, may be pushed back to after the holiday weekend.

All City Tournament

Mercer Island Little League typically joins with three Little League chapters from Bellevue for an end of season tournament starting right after Memorial Day and concluding in early June. Format varies based on the number of teams.

Majors Draft

Below is a summary of the rules that govern the Majors draft (outlined in the MILL Local Rules). Note that this is not the complete set of regulations, it is merely a synopsis designed to shed light on the process.

Majors Managers (head coaches) will be selected by the Majors VP in consultation with the Commissioner and President.  In accordance with the Little League Operating Manual, Majors Managers may not choose any assistant coaches until after the draft.

During player-pitch registration, all players will indicate whether they wish to be eligible for the Majors draft. All league age 12 year-olds play Majors. All players, including those returning to Majors and managers’ children, must attend Show Your Stuff (SYS) and be re-evaluated each year. Draft-eligible players are ranked based on SYS evaluations and coaches evaluations from the prior season, where applicable. Coach's scores will be combined with SYS results to determine the overall stack-rank in order to prevent (or at least identify) “sandbagging”.

The X highest ranked players who have declared themselves eligible for the Majors draft will be placed in the Majors draft pool, where X is set to approximately 14 times the number of Majors teams, minus 1. For example, with 6 Majors teams, the top 83 eligible players would comprise the Majors draft pool. However, the Player Agent is allowed some discretion on which players at the margin are or are not placed in the Majors draft pool, and may take into account sibling relationships, coaching availability and needs, grade levels, natural break points in the player ratings, and other factors.


All 12 year-old players who would not otherwise be in the draft pool based on ranking will be included at the bottom of the draft pool with their original ranking preserved. The League Player Agent, in consultation with the President, Commissioner, and Majors VP, may also add some “must draft” players to the draft pool (e.g., returning Majors players and 11 year-old players in the 6th grade).


In addition, and after review and approval by the Player Agent and a majority of Managers, “outlier” players who would not otherwise have been in the draft pool may be added to the list at the request of managers interested in drafting them. 

The Player Agent will provide final player ratings (and rankings) and coach evaluations for the players in the Majors draft pool to the Majors VP for distribution to managers at least two days prior to the Majors Draft. At the beginning of the draft, up to 30 minutes may be spent adjusting the stack-rank prior to the first pick; any changes must be agreed to by the Player Agent and a majority of the managers present.

Player Agent will manage the draft with the assistance of the Majors VP.  The draft will generally proceed from round to round in serpentine fashion. It is the intent of the Board that teams within the Majors division be as balanced as possible each year, with a similar distribution of ages among all the teams. The order of the teams in the draft is determined by the Player Agent, the Majors VP, and the President after taking into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team as a function of the assignments of the managers’ children. For those teams without a manager's child assigned to the first two rounds, the initial order will be determined by a draw.

There will be no trading of draft positions or draft picks. Managers will have up to 2 minutes to make their selection in each round, or the highest rated player not yet drafted will be automatically chosen for them. Each team shall be required to draft a league-age 12 year-old in the final rounds of the draft as necessary to ensure that all such players are drafted.

Managers must choose their own child(ren) in the round that corresponds to their position in the stack-rank. For example, if a manager’s children are the 5th and 26th rated players overall, they must be chosen using that team’s 1st and 5th round picks (assuming 6 teams). If the manager’s children are rated to be in the same round, they must use that and the subsequent round’s picks to obtain them. 

Sibling Option – parents may request that siblings play on the same team if both are drafted into Majors.  

Any disagreements over the process during the draft will be resolved by the President, the Majors VP and the Player Agent.  If one of the above officials is also a manager of a Majors team, that official will be recused if it is determined a potential conflict of interest exists.

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