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Board Members 2024

We are a group of Islanders passionate about baseball, softball and ensuring that your child has a fun little league experience.  Interested in joining us? We are always looking for leaders in our community to join our team and support our mission.  Contact the Athletics Office at the Boys & Girls Club of Mercer Island for more information. 



Jessica Rudolf


Becky Shaddle


Lauren Stangel

Marketing & Communications

Amber VanWinkle

Safety Officer

Jacob Denenholz

Softball Commissioner/

Player Agent

Dorrinda Pierce

Softball VP

Ashley Besecker

Show Your Stuff Coordinator

Max Engel

T-Ball & Sluggers VP

Seth Gordon

Opening Day Coordinator

Lindsay Bloom

City Tournament Director

Ian Bamman

Baseball Commissioner

Peter Noone

Baseball Players Agent

Jacob Denenholz & Tony Locascio

Coaches Coordinators

Eric Jaffe & Damon Pierce


Umpire in Chief

Jake Shaddle

Select Baseball Liaison

Nikki Kamath

Baseball Juniors/Seniors VP

Becky Shaddle

Baseball Majors VP

Nelson Lopez

Baseball Coast VP

Kelly Coochise

Baseball Triple-A VP

Derrick Robinson

Baseball Single-A/Double-A VP

Vanessa Sun

Rapid Baseball Director

Adam Ortega

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