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Welcome to baseball on Mercer Island! We strive to provide a fun experience for our players: to learn the basics of baseball and foster a positive team environment, where they can build friendships and make their own Little League memories.

Our Divisions

Baseball FAQs

My 8 year old is a highly skilled ball player.  Can he play up at the AAA level?

All interested 8 year-olds must contact the MIBGC at least two weeks prior to our Show Your Stuff evaluation day in January.  The MIBGC and MILL VP’s will review each player and decide if the player can participate in SYS.  However, an invitation to SYS is not a guaranteed spot in AAA.  If the player receives high enough scores AND there is room in AAA, the player may be placed in AAA.  If an 8 year-old is invited to SYS, he/she must attend Show Your Stuff to be placed on a AAA team.


My 9 year-old is a highly skilled ball player.  Can he play in Majors?

No. MILL prohibits any player from playing up more than three years.  E.g, 9’s can’t play in Majors.  8’s can’t play in Coast, 7’s can’t play in AAA.


My son was in Coast last season as a 10 year-old.  Why didn’t he move up to Majors this year as an 11 year-old?

For Majors, the coaches do a live draft of their team.  They select 12 players from all eligible players.  There are some players that are guaranteed places in Majors.  They are (1) League Age 12 year-olds. (2) League Age 11 year-olds in Sixth Grade (who played Coast last season) and (3) Players who played Majors the previous year.  The rest of the remaining players are drafted by the coaches from the pool of eligible players.


How do I figure out my son’s League Age?

Baseball League Age is determined by your child’s date of birth.  The age determination date is August 31st.  For example, if your son turns 9 on August 31, he is League Age 10.  If your son turns 10 on September 1, he is League Age 9.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Please refer to the LL Baseball Age Chart to confirm your child’s League Age. Softball has a different League Age cutoff.

My league age 9 year-old did not get selected to AAA. Why is this?

At Show Your Stuff, we evaluate over 200 players in order to place them in the division that is most appropriate for them. We want your child to succeed and be confident.  If your child was not placed in AAA we believe that AA was the most appropriate division for him.


My child is playing Player Pitch (Triple-A or above), can I request a buddy or a practice time?

No.  We do not accept buddy requests or practice time requests for our upper divisions.  We do not even consider schools when making teams.  Our main priority is to create balanced teams that will make league games fun and competitive.

My child loves playing baseball. Does you offer any additional teams or programs aside from Little League?

Yes! The Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club runs a very popular select baseball program (8u-12u) that is designed for skilled ballplayers who are looking to play A LOT more baseball.  Our Islander teams compete against other teams in the Seattle metro area and often play in out-of-town tournaments.  The teams are highly competitive and tryouts happen in the early months of summer.  More info. can be found on the MI Select Baseball Club website. 

In addition, the Boys and Girls Club offers baseball (and softball) skills development and training programs at varying times throughout the year.  Check out their website or our Events page for the latest offerings. 


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