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Triple-A (AAA)

AAA Baseball is entry-level player pitch baseball for 9 and 10 year-old players, as well as some highly skilled 8 year-olds.

About Triple-A 

The registration deadline for the Spring 2024 season (for player pitch divisions including Triple-A) was January 27, 2024.  There is a late registration process for those who may have missed this registration deadline.  Please reach out to for help with late registration. 


AAA teams are formed with a goal of creating equally competitive teams. Each player attends Show-Your-Stuff, where their skills are evaluated by an independent group of evaluators.  The Boys & Girls Club staff reviews this data along with player evaluations from last season and works with the Player Agent to form teams. Show your stuff took place on Sunday, January 28, 2024.


AAA teams will practice outside once per week, have batting practice once per week, and play two games.  Practices are on weeknights.  One game is on a Tuesday, and one game is on Saturday.

The AAA season can be broken up into the following phases:



There are typically a couple of weeks of practices in early to mid March before games begin.


Early Season

Games begin in mid or late March. Games before Spring break (typically mid-April) do not count towards the standings.  As a result, these early season games are less competitive and focused on letting kids play a variety of positions.


Additionally, these early season AAA games will be played using RapidBaseball.  This is a development tool for youth baseball players entering the initial years of kid pitch.  RapidBaseball leverages the use of a pitching machine to provides for greater speed and consistency.  More balls are put into play leading to more defensive opportunities.  Additional info about RapidBaseball can be found under Parent Resources or visit

Regular Season

Starting after Spring Break, games count towards regular season standings. The regular season runs up until the Mercer Island tournament. Standings are used to seed teams in the Mercer Island tournament, but all teams qualify for the tournament. The second half of the season transitions to full player pitch, with walks and stolen bases.


Mercer Island Tournament 

Typically held in mid to late May, this tournament includes all AAA teams on Mercer Island. Format varies, but typically a round robin that proceeds to an elimination bracket. The tournament typically concludes before Memorial Day, but will likely be moved to post-Memorial Day in 2021.

All City Tournament 

Mercer Island Little League typically joins with three Little League chapters from Bellevue for an end of season tournament starting right after Memorial Day and concluding in early June. Format varies based on the number of teams, but AAA commonly forms a Gold and an Emerald bracket, each of which employee a double elimination format to determine a winner. The Gold bracket consists of teams who finished in the top half of the Mercer Island tournament, with the bottom half going to the Emerald bracket.

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