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Players of the Week!

Help us congratulate the current PLAYERS OF THE WEEK! These players were chosen for their sportsmanship over the past several weeks, their resiliency in difficult situations, and their overall positive impact on their teams. Each player will receive a free slice from Pagliacci's and a Player of the Week certificate. Keep up the great work!

Week of 4/22:

Holden Norman - Mets Coast

Holden shows up at every practice and game with a great attitude, ready to play and willing to learn. He started the season a bit reluctant to play catcher but he’s grown to like the position and is catching in every game now!  He's a great role model and leader on the Mets team.

Alex Zhu - A's Coast

Alex has been energetic and eager to pitch, play catcher and infield. He is a great kid and the A's are lucky to have him. His positive attitude on and off the field and contributions in the game helped the A's to two wins this past week!

Kellen Marshall - Reds Coast

Kellen Marshall is always willing to step up when needed. In last week's game he pitched two long innings with 4 strikeouts to get the Reds their first regular season win. Kellen puts in a ton of work outside of games and practices to improve his game and all the hard work is really paying off!

Jamal Mehter - Dodgers AAA

Jamal Mehter is a wonderful example of sportsmanship, resilience, and an extremely positive influence on the AAA Dodgers. A leader on the field who encourages his teammates and makes them better, Jamal is a class act. Jamal is coachable, listens well, and has unshakable determination. He's been a joy to coach.

Jasper Crosby - Padres AAA

Jasper’s non-stop positive attitude keeps practice and games enjoyable even when things get competitive. Jasper is mature beyond his years and has shown mentorship qualities to some of the new players. He was our only catcher when we started this year and  was unfazed by the prospect of doing it for the whole season if that’s what the team needed.

Theo Spare - Reds AA

Theo has been positive and vocal in practices, whether he’s leading warmups or saying “I got it!!” on fly balls. After our recent game, Theo delivered a message to the team by praising another player who he recognized for his sportsmanship after some tough plate appearances. The effort and sportsmanship that Theo brings to the team is commendable!

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