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Players of the Week!

Help us congratulate the current PLAYERS OF THE WEEK! These players were chosen for their sportsmanship over the past several weeks, their resiliency in difficult situations, and their overall positive impact on their teams. Each player will receive a free slice from Pagliacci's and a Player of the Week certificate. Keep up the great work!

Week of 4/29:

Charlie Gregory - Mariners Coast

Charlie really stepped up to help last week while his coach was coaching solo. Charlie kept the dugout encouraging, the batting order in line, and set the lineup for the following innings while also pitching and catching himself. He encouraged every team member to help in any way possible and did what he could to help newer players feel a part of the Mariners team.

Madison Smith - Mariners AAA

Madison consistently brings a great attitude to the field with a strong willingness to learn and grow as a player.  Her positive mindset is contagious among her AAA Mariners teammates, as her leadership has encouraged others to step on the mound and try pitching.  Keep working hard and being a great role model!

Vanessa Chen - Softball AA White

Vanessa is the most consistent hitter and fielder on the AA White softball team due to all of her hard work this year. Her coaches appreciate how she leads by example. She never loses focus, always listens, and tries her very best each game. Her competitiveness is also a strength!

Levi Ahrenholz - A's A

Levi always comes to the field ready to play, giving it his all in practice and in games. He demonstrates great drive and focus, and always participates eagerly. In his first game, his great head’s up playing resulted in multiple successful run downs at second base for the outs. 

Thatcher Anderson - Blue Rocks T-Ball

Thatcher consistently supports his team with kindness and encouragement. He offers support and cheers for both teammates and opponents alike with words of kindness that showcase true sportsmanship. In addition to his hustle on the field, Thatcher's attentive listening serves as a commendable example for everyone. Keep up the excellent work, Thatcher, and here's to a successful season ahead!

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