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All Star Rosters Released

Updated: Jun 12

The 2024 MILL All Star Rosters (Majors, 11s, and 10s) Rosters have been released. Wishing our players best of luck as they begin their 2024 All Star Season! All teams are listed below.

For tournament dates, brackets and locations, visit the District 9 website.




Jakob B.

Liam B.

Tyler B.

John B.

Beckham C.

Evan C.

Carson B.

Kingston J.

Charlie G.

Cash C.

Logan J.

Ethan G.

Laign M.

Kellan L.

Carter H.

Charlie M.

Grant M.

Finn K.

Tucker P.

Brooks R.

Brady M.

Cal R.

Andrew R.

Kellen M.

Connor S.

William S.

Maverick M.

Ise T.

Peter S.

Ymir S.

Nicholas V.

Kase S.

Jack S.

Lucas W.

Hayden W.

Elliott V.

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