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Players of the Week!

Updated: Apr 26

Help us congratulate our first PLAYERS OF THE WEEK! These players were chosen for their sportsmanship over the past several weeks, their resiliency in difficult situations, and their overall positive impact on their teams. Each player will receive a free slice from Pagliacci's and a Player of the Week certificate. Keep up the great work!

Week of 4/15:

Yuya Muraoka - Mariners Coast

Yuya plays almost every position, has a very strong arm and a big bat! He's always rooting on his teammates and super excited for practice and the games. He takes the team very seriously and encourages others to do so as well. Yuya is a great listener and a strong team leader who always gives 100%!

Bennett White - Mariners AAA

Benny always has a smile on his face, supplies bubble gum to others, and spreads an uplifting positive attitude to his teammates.  He is often the first to celebrate at home plate when his teammates score a run and is frequently seen talking to his opponents while in the field.  During a game with the Padres, an opposing player got hurt, and he was the first to direct his teammates to take a knee and express concern.

Weston Houtzer - White Sox AA

Weston volunteered to try out catcher (when most others wouldn’t) and was a natural at the position today in his first game this week.  He also had several hits including a homerun.  HIs coaches loved that he was willing to try out the position that most didn’t. 

Parker Anders - Mariners AA

Parker is playing her first season of organized baseball and is one of only a few girls in MILL AA.  It can be difficult to pick up a new sport, especially when others on the team have been playing for multiple years, but Parker has jumped right in and is eager to improve her skills and learn how to play the game.  She even practices with mom and dad during the week to improve on her newfound love for baseball.  This effort is infectious, and she is a joy to have on the Mariners!

Piper Bradley - Coast Softball Maroon

Piper is a player coaches love to coach.  She shows up with a happy and positive attitude, asks questions that show she cares, and pays attention to details. In the field, she is a leader, consistently calling out plays. She always pays attention while her coaches are talking and shows improvement over time. 

Addie Gerry: AAA Softball White

Addie is a new player on the team but has fit seamlessly with her teammates. She has been improving every week and is willing to play any position that helps the team. She has become an integral part of being an anchor and reliable player to the team! 

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