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Players of the Week!

Help us congratulate the 5/13 PLAYERS OF THE WEEK! These players were chosen for their sportsmanship over the past several weeks, their resiliency in difficult situations, and their overall positive impact on their teams. Each player will receive a free slice from Pagliacci's and a Player of the Week certificate. Keep up the great work!

Week of 5/13:

Evan Chin - Mariners Coast

Evan always has a positive attitude and continues to be a team leader week over week. He's always smiling and is a great listener. Evan plays any position asked of him and plays hard every play. The Mariners are lucky to have him!

Thomas Starbird - Dodgers AAA

Thomas “Starlord” Starbird suffered a broken wrist last week during the finals game vs the Red Sox. The Dodgers are looking forward to "Starlord" playing bench coach pumping up the Dodgers and running the positions and lineups during the Bellevue tournament.

Greg Lee - Mariners A

Greg has continued to be the most on task and consistent player both in practice and the games. He shows respect to teammates by not distracting them and staying focused on the game.

Brodie Bonnema - Trash Pandas Sluggers

Brodie is known for running out every play at the plate and out in the field.    His energy and excitement of baseball is contagious and Brodie lifts all his fellow teammates to the next level.  He is open to coaching and is eager to learn all the fundamentals of the game.  He is always positive to be around.  He is encouraging to his fellow players and is extremely kind and respectful to coaches and parents.  

Mia Hofmann - Softball AA White

Mia is the most improved member of the team so far this season. She has become a reliable hitter, is a fast runner, and consistently maintains focus in the field. In the dugout, she cheers on her teammates and never complains about position assignments or batting order. Her hard work at practices and games and constant positive attitude are much appreciated by her coaches!

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