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Players of the Week!

Updated: Jun 20

Help us congratulate the 6/10 PLAYERS OF THE WEEK! These players were chosen for their sportsmanship over the past several weeks, their resiliency in difficult situations, and their overall positive impact on their teams. Each player will receive a free slice from Pagliacci's and a Player of the Week certificate. Keep up the great work!

Week of 6/10:

Trenton Anderson - AAA Dodgers

Trenton exhibits sportsmanship in the dugout, on the field, and at practice with his positive attitude and determination. He shows up to practice, works hard and dedicates himself to continuous improvement. Whether in the field or on the bench, Trenton positively impacts the team and fires up our dugout!

Blake Justus - AAA Padres

Blake leads with his "can do” attitude.  He showed "gold" glove skill at all nine positions for us this year. When not on the field, Blake led the cheer section in the dugout keeping his teammates pumped up. In the final week of our season, Blake had a heroic pitching effort that helped put the Padres in the City Tournament Championship!

Zoe Robertson - AA Softball White

Zoe capped a fantastic season with her best game of the year on Saturday, with several hard hits and great plays in the field. Zoe is a natural athlete with a bright future as a softball player. All season long, she exhibited great focus, energy and skill, which was contagious and lifted the development of her teammates. Her homerun was the highlight of the season!

Cash Olivares - Sluggers Space Cowboys

Throughout the season, Cash demonstrated an ability to overcome adversity and uplift his teammates when they needed encouragement. It’s great to see players like him making a positive impact! Because of this, we nominate Cash as the Space Cowboys Player of the Week.

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